Blackjack Games

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Game Play

The typical Blackjack game will typically go something like this.

Deal: The player will get two cards faced downwards and the dealer gets two cards, one face down and the other facing up.

Player Actions

Hit: Any time before doubling up or standing.
Stand: You are able to stand your hand at any time during the game.
Double: Any time two cards except Blackjack and split Aces Insurance: Offered on the Dealer's Ace, Pays 2 to 1 on Dealer Blackjack

Dealer Actions

Hands which contain an ace valued at 11 are considered "soft" hands (i.e. A6 is a soft 17). Hands containing an ace valued at 1 are considered "hard" hands (A, 6, K is a hard 17).

Hit: Any hard total 16 or less, any soft total 17 or less. Stand: Any hard total 17 or more, any soft total 18 or more.